What does the future hold for the VA?

Veteran tech support programs have been struggling to attract new users and keep pace with changing technology.

The National Association of Technical Support Agencies (NATSAA) has been working to recruit more veterans and support programs for a while now.

But now, the agency says it needs to raise money and expand its operations to keep pace.

“The current funding levels are inadequate,” said the NATSAA’s CEO, Brian Schoen.

“We need to raise more money.”

Schoen’s comments came as the National Association for Technical Support Programs (NatsAA) announced a $50 million effort to expand its support services, expand access to technology and support new tech-savvy veterans.

The organization will also be expanding its technical programs and recruiting new tech talent.

Schoen said NatsAA will be using a combination of private and public funds to fund the expanded tech support services.

The public sector is the largest source of the program’s funding.

Schosen says that Nats AA is also considering using a “zero-waste” model to fund technology and mentorship programs for its tech support teams.

The Nats AAA, which has supported the tech support organizations since the 1970s, said in a statement that it was “in need of additional capital to expand the technology support workforce.”

The National Association on Aging has also been seeking to attract veterans and tech support for several years.

It said in December that it would be working with the National Technical Support Agency to increase its technology support services to attract more veterans.

In January, the VA announced that it had launched an initiative to hire a veteran tech support coordinator to help it expand its tech workforce.