Which nurse practitioner programs can be used to improve access to health care?

Nursing and health care professionals are at an all-time low in the U.S., but a growing number of programs offer opportunities to help those with limited resources access care.

The American Nursing Association (ANA) has teamed up with Health Access and Wellness Solutions to launch a new program that offers a variety of opportunities for those with a limited income to get access to primary care and more.

This month, the program will launch with the new Nurse Practitioner for the Homeless (NPHT), a program that will provide a one-on-one consultation with a nurse practitioner, nurse practitioner support group, or other qualified health care professional to help them access health care.

The NPHT will be available for all members of the U,S.

population, regardless of income.

Members of the program can use the program as a one off to get started, and will be paid a one time fee of $30 for each visit.

To qualify, members of this program must be a resident of a county with a population of at least 100,000.

To learn more about the program, visit:  https://www.nhhs.gov/careers/career-training-programs/support-and-advancement-for-nursing-physicians-and/nurses-and…

If you are eligible, please complete the application and submit it online or at your local hospital or clinic.

The application will be mailed out to you and you will need to pick it up at your nearest health center.

Once you have received your application, please go online and complete the required paperwork to begin.

If you have questions about the NPHT, please contact:Health Access and wellness solutions,PO Box 847, West Point, NY 14056Phone: 646-639-3515Hospitals: (800) 556-6398