How to get the military to support civilian marksmen

The military may be trying to become more interested in the civilian side of marksmanship training. 

In an attempt to address a growing number of incidents involving civilians in the military, the US military recently announced an initiative that aims to encourage military personnel to use civilian marks.

The military has been pushing for years to get people in the armed forces to use marksmanship in the classroom and to develop skills that would enable them to be effective marksmen, such as marksmanship instruction. 

The civilian-led initiative was announced at a White House ceremony to mark National Military Day on Monday. 

Military leaders were asked to sign off on a list of 10 “core competencies” for marksmanship that would include “accelerated marksmanship”, “accuracy marksmanship” and “focusing and targeting marksmanship”.

The military also hopes to help civilian recruits hone marksmanship skills, and to provide “preparation materials and tools” that would be suitable for use by civilian personnel, the military said in a press release. 

As part of the initiative, the Military Education Assistance Program (MEAP) will offer “training, assessment and support to eligible civilians in order to prepare them to engage in marksmanship and related activities”, according to the press release from the military. 

“The goal of this program is to help ensure that we continue to have the right people at the right places to be able to learn and hone their marksmanship,” said US Air Force Colonel Andrew Schick, the commander of the program. 

According to the military’s press release, the initiative was developed to “promote the use of civilian marks as a critical tool in military marksmanship programs”.

The press release also said that military instructors will be able “to develop marksmanship-specific instruction plans and training programs”. 

“A civilian will have a unique opportunity to improve their markscoring skills in the US armed forces, through the MEAP program,” the military wrote in the release.

“The MEAP will provide training, assessment, and support for eligible civilians to improve marksmanship knowledge, skills, confidence and decision making,” the release added.

“We encourage civilian participants to sign up for training, evaluation, and training materials and to use them as a part of their military marks training.”

The military said the initiative is part of its effort to encourage the “use of marks by civilian participants in military training”.

“This initiative will assist civilian marks students by enabling them to gain the right skills to take part in the development of marks,” the press statement said. 

This article was amended on 8 January 2018 to correct a reference to the US Air force that was referring to the civilian-based MEAP, which was not a part, of the US government.