HOPE: New Orleans weddings open for program in a matter of days

NEW ORLEANS — A new program for couples to get married in New Orleans on July 10 is gaining momentum after the city’s governor signed legislation Tuesday to make it legal to do so.

The new program, called Rotc, allows couples to make plans to get a wedding ceremony performed in a day or two and will begin accepting applications on the website.

The program was created by the Rotc Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is helping couples find a wedding planner in the city.

A partnership between the Rotca Foundation and the New Orleans Community Trust has been developing the program.

The Rotc foundation says the program will cost $350 and that people who are eligible can have it performed in about a week.

The couples who complete the application process can also apply for free.

The foundation has also launched a website where couples can search for a wedding photographer, prepare their wedding pictures and submit their photos for a photograph with a city archivist.

“We have found that it’s a lot easier to get together in a group and just talk about how you’re going to celebrate and how you want to get the wedding ceremony done in a couple of days than it is to actually get a photo taken and to make arrangements,” said Kristina B. Mathers, a Rotc program manager.

“I think that’s really cool.”

Mathers said couples can look forward to getting their wedding photos taken by a city employee, a family member or someone else that works in the wedding industry.

New Orleans is one of a number of cities in the country that are allowing couples to register for weddings in the first week of July.

The state of Mississippi is allowing couples who live in the state to register with a state agency, and Texas is allowing people to register in New York City.

Marlene Fiske, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, said she believes the timing of the state’s law and the citys move are encouraging for couples seeking a wedding in New England.

“It’s encouraging that the governor is allowing New York to go forward with this, but it’s also important that people are aware that this is happening in New Jersey,” she said.

“The fact that it will happen in New Hampshire, the fact that this has been legalized in Massachusetts and the fact we’re doing this in New Brunswick, that’s exciting.”

In the meantime, couples who are able to register can get married at a nearby church.

This story has been corrected to show that couples can request a photographer to be present for their wedding, not to be a photographer.