Why is India the only country without a healthcare program for veterans?

More than 1.8 million Indians are eligible for a government-funded program for health care workers, but only about 30,000 are employed, according to a survey by the government-run National Council for Research on Aging.

The median income of the poorest households in India is Rs 2.25 lakh a year, and the average age of those workers is about 63.

Most of them are over 50 years old.

The survey, commissioned by the National Health Mission, found that the number of doctors, nurses and pharmacists in India has grown from 6,800 in 2011 to 23,000 in 2017.

It also found that India has the highest proportion of elderly workers, at more than 60%.

Many of them live in remote areas, and often have to rely on a private health care provider, the report said.

“In rural areas, the lack of healthcare facilities is compounded by the inability of the public to access such facilities,” it said.

The report said that the lack or lack of access to healthcare facilities was the main reason for people dying prematurely in India.

“If you are a resident of the state of Uttar Pradesh, your life expectancy is much lower than the state average.

The government cannot afford to fund healthcare to all its residents,” said Ashish Kumar, chairman of the National Council.

“We have to create a holistic approach to ensure that we ensure that all citizens get the necessary healthcare.”

A senior health ministry official said that India needs to provide healthcare to every citizen and that the national government is working on creating a universal health insurance scheme, including a universal healthcare plan, to cover all the population.

“It is imperative that this is done in a way that ensures a standard of living and access to health services for all people, he added.