This ‘sick, disgusting, hateful’ woman is suing Airbnb for ‘hosting’ her home

The mother of a transgender woman in San Francisco is suing the popular Airbnb home rental site over alleged discrimination and harassment.

Sara Jentleson, 43, is suing HomeAway for allegedly hosting her house as her sole residence for several years, even though the home she rented was already rented by other people.

Jentlesen filed a complaint with the city on Tuesday alleging that the company’s policies are discriminatory against trans people, stating that her housing was “not welcome” and “unwelcome to guests.”

According to the complaint, HomeAward does not provide a designated housing address for guests.

The company has since told Jentlsons attorney that it is “looking into” the issue.

HomeAways home address is listed as “HomeAway House” in a listing that has been taken down.

The listing reads that it was once listed for a house on the 600 block of North Lincoln Street in San Rafael, which is a block from the company headquarters.

Jentson claims that when she applied for her house to be listed on Airbnb, Homeaway asked her if she was trans, and if she needed to be referred to a “gender specialist” for any medical issues, according to the lawsuit.

Jenson, who was born a woman, told BuzzFeed News she was also harassed by HomeAwards policy on how she would be treated.

She says she was asked about her gender identity by a representative and was then forced to go to an office to get her ID and pay the fee.

Jentedleson’s complaint claims that the policy does not allow guests to use their home for any purpose other than to stay and sleep there, and that guests are not allowed to take photographs or video of themselves or anyone else.

HomeAirway did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News’ request for comment.

Jenedleson claims she was forced to move to another apartment in the same building after the policy change, and now faces eviction.

Jensons attorney says she is looking into the matter, and has requested that the city investigate her claims.

“I’m just trying to make sure I’m being treated fairly, and it seems like that’s just been ignored,” Jenson said.

“I feel like there’s so much wrong with this company that I can’t see how they could not know that.”

Jentlings attorney also told BuzzFeed, “I think they’re going to be held accountable for their actions and their conduct.”

HomeAways policy states that if a guest has “a medical condition that requires accommodation, you can request a medical assessment and a referral to a licensed physician or mental health professional for assistance.”

Jenson’s lawyer claims that HomeAaws policy is in violation of the city’s Human Rights Ordinance, which protects trans people from discrimination.

Jentlings lawsuit states that “hosting a home for a trans person does not in any way relieve them of their rights to privacy and safety, nor do they provide any services that are medically necessary for the accommodation.”

Jentsons family told BuzzFeed they have been dealing with homelessness for over 20 years, and have been living in a shelter for years.