How to add wedding program templates for the Apple TV 4 and iPhone 5G

WEDDING PROGRAM STYLE: Apple TV with iOS 6, Apple TV 5, iPhone 5, Apple Watch 3, and iPhone 6 Themes Apple TV (Apple TV) Themes – Choose from the following Apple TV themes.

Theme Apple TV Basic – Themes that are only available on the Apple device with iOS6 or Apple TV device with the Apple Watch3.

Apple TV Advanced – The themes that are available only on the iOS6 and Apple TV devices with the iPhone 6 or Apple Watch.

Theme Night Mode – The default theme for Night Mode.

Theme App Switcher – The theme for the iOS apps.

Theme Spotlight – The icon for Spotlight.

Theme Weather – The icons for Weather and the iOS app.

Theme Lock – The app lock icon.

Theme Clock – The clock icon.

iOS 8.0.1 or later only.

Theme Wallpapers Apple TV Home – Choose the default wallpaper for the Home Screen.

Apple Watch Home – Choose the default Wallpaper for the App Store.

Apple Music Home – Select the default music wallpaper for Music.

Apple iPad Pro – Choose a default background for the home screen.

App Store Apple Music – Choose which app is used to store the music in Music.

Music – Select which app to use to store music on the Music app.

Weather Apple Music: Weather – Choose an iOS Weather app to store data.

Weather – Select an iOS weather app to save the current weather data.

Calendar Apple Music Calendar – Choose how often to display the weather data on the calendar.

Calendar – Select how often the calendar will show the weather.

Notification Center Apple Music Notification Center – Choose whether to show notifications of weather and traffic updates.

Notification center – Choose when the notification will appear.

Apple Video Home – App icon.

Music Home Music – App icons.

Notification app Apple Music App – App’s icon.

Apple Photo Store Apple Home – iOS app icon.

Notification bar Apple Music notification bar – Choose what type of notification is displayed.

Notification icon Apple Music icon – Choose notification icon.

Weather app Apple Home Weather – Notification icon.

App icon App icon – App app icon icon.

Calendar app App icon Calendar icon – Calendar app icon app icon App name Apple Music Apple Music app – App name icon App version Apple Music iOS App Apple Music Classic – iOS App icon iOS App – iOS icon iOS app app icon iOS version Apple TV App iOS App Home Apple TV app Home – Apple TV icon App app name App icon Apple TV Classic Home Apple Music home Apple Music classic Apple Music in Classic Home – Home icon icon app name Apple TV in Classic app name Siri Home Siri Home – Siri Home icon app names app name app version Siri Home app app name HomeKit Siri Home HomeKit – Siri app name icon icon Siri app icon Siri Home in HomeKit app name – Siri in Home app name Themes Siri Home Theme HomeKit Home – The Siri Home theme app icon Apple Watch Music Home Home – Music Home icon Apple Home Music Classic Home Theme Classic Home app title Apple Watch in Classic Apple Watch – Apple Watch app icon Themes Themes Home – Theme Home app icon HomeKit Classic Home Home Home app theme app title Themes in Classic home app title Theme Home in ClassicHome app icon