Rental Assistance Programs to help with rental costs

Rental assistance programs to help people rent a home or apartment are available.

Here are some of the things you need to know.1.

You can’t apply for a rental assistance loanIf you are seeking a rental subsidy you will need to apply for one through the Department of Social Protection (DSP).

You can apply online or by calling 0800 442 3333.2.

The Department will not give you a refund for the loanIf the Department provides you with a subsidy, it will be refunded on the date you get a letter from the Department confirming that your payment was approved.3.

You have to pay all of the mortgage payments before you can apply for your subsidyIf you have paid all of your mortgage repayments before you get your subsidy letter, you can start applying for your loan online or in person.

You will need a proof of income or a proof that you have been in work for at least 6 months.4.

If you do not have proof of earnings you can get a jobseeker’s allowanceIf you don’t have any proof of earning, you will be entitled to receive the Employment Assistance Allowance (EAA) as part of your household income support package.

The EAA is the minimum amount you will receive for your household.

You can get up to $500 a week for housing and childcare.

You may also be eligible for a temporary allowance, which is paid to you if you are on welfare.5.

You will have to repay all of it if you don the Housing Support PensionIf you get Housing Support pension you will have the option of paying all of what you owe, which will increase the amount you get back from the government.

If your payments are still not enough, you may need to pay the full amount and keep it until you get the Housing Benefit Supplement.

You must make sure you pay the supplement by the end of the financial year.

If all of this is not enough for you, you should consider whether you can pay your mortgage and rent payments directly with the housing benefit supplement.

You must get the housing supplement and make your payment by the beginning of the following financial year to qualify for the housing subsidy.

You should also contact the Housing Services Branch at 0800 626 694 to find out more about how you can access the Housing Supplement.