When Apple finally shows the App Store on iPad, the app is in trouble

The Apple app store, which has been available on iOS devices since 2011, is showing up on iPad only after Apple decided to stop supporting it.

The problem isn’t just that the app won’t run on iPad because it’s not officially supported, but that it’s only showing up because the company decided to remove support for it from its iOS SDK.

As it stands, Apple is using its SDK for its own products to build the App Stores for iPhone and iPad.

The company has been using that for years, but this time it’s choosing to use it to build its own iOS SDK, which will then be used to build apps for iOS devices.

That means Apple is not only taking the risk of making a product that will never work on an iPad, it’s taking a huge risk.

And that risks Apple losing out on revenue and users.

This isn’t the first time Apple has tried to remove the AppStore from its SDK.

In 2012, the company also stopped supporting it in its SDK and announced it was changing its SDK from Swift to Objective-C.

That change was done to allow developers to focus on building for iPad instead of iOS.

Apple has said that it will keep the Appstore as a standalone platform for the time being.