Ontario asks feds for $5.3B in aid for indigenous students

The Ontario government is asking the federal government for $1.8 billion in aid to help Indigenous students.

The government has committed $500 million over three years to the Canada Education Achievement Loan Program, which helps Indigenous students with student loans.

The funding would go toward the construction of new campuses and infrastructure for the three Indigenous campuses.

“This funding is to help build the infrastructure for Indigenous students to complete their studies, get their degree and graduate,” said Kathleen Wynne, the provincial premier.

“This is really a great opportunity to create jobs, build schools, build communities, and build the future of this province.”

The province’s Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Minister Marie-France Lalonde said the money is needed to “address our urgent need for more funding to meet our long-term needs for indigenous education.”

The money would help pay for new buildings, construction and renovation of the schools.

Lalonde said funding is being provided to support students who need it most.

“We need these investments in the economy to ensure the future prosperity of Ontario’s Indigenous communities,” she said.