Israeli defense agency to create new space program

Israel will establish a new space agency within the Department of Defense to focus on advanced science and technology research, a new report says.

The new agency will be called the Space Science and Technology Center (SSTC), and it will include a research center dedicated to “new ways to use advanced technologies and advanced computer science and engineering to advance the safety and security of space missions,” according to the report, published on Wednesday.

The report, entitled The New Space Agency, by the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Department for Advanced Technology and Projects, is based on a detailed review of the SSTC’s budget request for fiscal year 2021.

It said the new agency is expected to be a joint venture between the Israeli Space Agency and a group of private companies.

The report did not specify which companies will work on the new space center.

The space center is expected in the coming years to be focused on advanced technology research in space, said the report. 

The Israeli Defense Ministry has previously described the program as a response to growing concern over the proliferation of unmanned drones and unmanned aircrafts in space.

The military, the report said, would provide technical support for unmanned aircraft to ensure the safety of human beings in space and for future manned spaceflight.

“We must remain vigilant in safeguarding human life in space,” it said.

“We must ensure that no human being, whether in space or elsewhere, will be harmed in any way.

Our country will continue to do everything in its power to ensure that our citizens are safe.”